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is a case management toolkit designed for today’s learners that extends program reach and inspires participants’ everyday success.


Uses existing program resources and is easy to implement.

Research Informed

All Bytes are backed by research and best practices in the field.


Works in individual or group case management settings to meet program goals.


Gives participants more tools to take on challenges in their daily lives.

"Byte-sized" actionable content for relationship, parenting, life, money, and job.

Each LifeByte Offers:

  • Discussion Guide
    Prepares the facilitator with scripts, activities, and prompts for each unit.
  • Animated Video
    Explains complex topics in a concise and entertaining video for participants.
  • Tips & Tools
    Expands on each topic with tips and information for participants
  • Expert Videos
    Provides facilitators with context and additional understanding behind each topic area.

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What the experts
say about LifeBytes

Photo for Galena Rhoades
Galena Rhoades
University of Denver
LifeBytes is compelling and effective because it gives organizations who maybe don't have the bandwidth to be able to do individual case management, an opportunity to provide basic information to all of their clients - and in an engaging way.

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